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Track with Cargo Companion®

Cargo Companion is the industry's most comprehensive asset tracking solution that provides location and temperature information for your time critical, high value, and temperature sensitive cargo.

This GPS device provides Customers with the following:

Wireless Asset Tracking

With Cargo Companion, you can monitor the location, shock, light, temperature, pressure, and humidity of your Cargo every step of the way.

Continuous Monitoring

Cargo Companion features advanced GPS technology which allows you to track the location of your shipment from door to door.

Prompt E-mail Alerts

Customizable e-mail alerts notify you when predetermined parameters are met (i.e., your cargo enters a geofenced area, temperature reaches a certain level, etc.)

Customers now have two different options to monitor their time critical, high value, and temperature sensitive Cargo. With the single use option, Customers can obtain the tracking devices in advance to be used on a per shipment basis. With our leasing option, Customers can use Cargo Companion for an extended period on any transportation mode they choose, providing greater flexibility. Compare these two options below to choose the option that’s best for you.

Cargo Companion may not be used with interline partners.

Customers shipping time critical, high value, or irreplaceable items such as organ transplants, lab specimens, AOG parts, banking documents, etc., can rest at ease knowing that Cargo Companion will help to improve operational efficiency and minimize the impact of delays across the supply chain. Check out our case studies to see how Cargo Companion supported these Customers: Lasership, Quick International Courier, and enjoy a white paper featuring Cold Chain Technologies. Also, be sure to watch our short, yet informative video about Cargo Companion.

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