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Charges and Payments

At Southwest Cargo® we offer many easy payment options. You may use a maximum of two forms of payment per shipment. However, you may not combine a billable account with any other form of payment.

Forms of payment accepted at the Cargo Facility:

Credit Cards

American Express

Government Transportation Request


Additional Payment Options:

Billable Accounts

To maintain billable account privileges, you must pay in accordance with the payment terms set forth on the invoice. Southwest Cargo retains the right to refuse or remove billable account privileges at any time.

In order to establish a billable account, please visit our application to complete the online application.

Available forms of payment for invoicing:

To pay your invoice we only accept check, Wire, or ACH.

International Payments:

All shipments originating in an international point of origin must be prepaid utilizing a Southwest Cargo Master Account. We will not accept cash, check, credit card, or collect as a form of payment.

Declared Value Coverage:

At Southwest Cargo, we consider each item you ship valuable, and we treat it that way. At times, you may need to ship items that require additional coverage. And we can assist you in purchasing declared value coverage for your precious cargo. For more information refer to our declared value page.

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