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Declared Value

At Southwest Cargo®, we consider each item you ship valuable and we treat it that way. But, sometimes you need to ship items that have excess value. To purchase additional value coverage for your Cargo, everything you need to know is detailed below:

  • A shipment is considered to have a declared value of not more than $.50 per lb. unless excess value is declared on the air waybill when your shipment is tendered to Southwest Airlines® . However, no shipment or any part of it is considered to have a declared value of less than $50.00.
  • Customers may declare value for any shipment, excluding Southwest Support® shipments. An additional charge of $0.55 per $100.00 of declared value must be paid for your excess declared value coverage.
  • The declared value charges are subject to Federal Excise Tax.
  • International shipments are covered under the Warsaw Convention with increased limits of liability.
  • Refer to IATA Resolution 600b for complete details.
  • The maximum declared value which may be declared is as follows:
    Next Flight Guaranteed (NFGSM) shipment $25,000.00
    RUSH Priority FreightSM or AIR FREIGHT shipment $25,000.00
    FREIGHTSM shipment $25,000.00
    Any fragile shipment or articles of extraordinary value $500.00
    Any perishable shipment $15,000.00
  • When any shipment consists of two (2) or more pieces, the declared value for each piece shall be determined by dividing the value declared on the air waybill by the number of pieces in the shipment.
  • If the C.O.D. amount is represented to also serve as the declared value of the shipment, it must also be placed in the "Declared Value for Carriage" box and appropriate charges paid.

For more information, contact Cargo Customer Care at (800) 533-1222.

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